Hi!  Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in Mr. Wakey and me!  It is great having the support of those around us and I’m so excited about the fun ideas Saddleback Chocolates has.  Keep in touch and hopefully I can share the smiles Wakey gives me!

This is a really fun year for us! We have reached a huge summit: the Grand Prix.  Reaching the highest level of training with a horse you have known since he was learning to lead is so incredibly rewarding. Feeling him develop, gain confidence and really enjoy his work is what makes me so hooked to Dressage.  I have to laugh because even though he has transformed from a gawky young fellow into an educated strong athlete he is still the rascally boy with a huge personality and a mischievous look in his eye. I love him.

I hope this summit is just the beginning of our journey!  We have qualified for the regional championships in the Intermediare II and Grand Prix.  We also qualified for the National Developing Grand Prix Horse championships.  Our next big hurdle will be to show in an international Grand Prix…hopefully in August.  Until then we are going to focus on training.  We have reached the Grand Prix but there is always work to be done! It is my goal to balance keeping him happy and enjoying his work while developing him. Luckily I have lots of help and guidance.  Next week Elmer Schmiehusen is coming and I’m excited to see what Wakey and I can learn!

Thanks again for your interest! I will let you know how the clinic goes!






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  1. Julia McDermott June 21, 2014 at 9:03 am · · Reply

    Saw Emily riding WakeUp this month at NEC in St. Louis and instantly fell in love with them. They are a dynamic duo. At their level there are lots of fabulous riders and mounts, but nobody came close to matching these two for the sheer pleasure they seemed to share in dancing together for the judges and audience. We were all mesmerized. Do you think we’ll see them ride for Team USA someday at the Olympics? I willing to wager a case of Saddleback Chocolates in their favor, and maybe even a nice chilled bottle of champagne to boot. Thank you, E.W. and Mr. Wakey, for bringing so much style and grace to the dressage arena.

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