Saddle Brand Color

A Promise to Never Sacrifice Quality Ingredients, Taste or Craftsmanship.

Simple, Tasteful, Elegance.

At Saddleback Chocolates, we seek out only the finest ingredients to provide both unique and sophisticated flavor combinations–all while staying true to our long-standing legacy in the Thoroughbred and chocolate business. We at Saddleback Chocolates are proud to be the first to serve to the Sport of Kings and all horse lovers with our unique and memorable chocolate products. Saddleback Chocolates expanded with our dogs and cats chocolate selection in honor of our Loyal Friends! AND… recently Saddleback Chocolates expanded further with our Literary Lady Collection and the Fezziwigs Marketplace infused chocolates, wedding and corporate events division.

Our chocolate is hand-crafted and molded from the finest cocoa beans creating a chocolate that is rich, velvety smooth and never bitter to taste. Our commitment to the highest quality chocolate matches our goals of care, quality and service to each of our customers.